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We supply a range of battery chemistries for industrial, residential and commercial application. Our battery types include Lead Acid AGM Batteries, Lithium for Solar Applications, Lithium for Telecommunication and Lithium Titinate Oxide.
Averge Technologies has been recognised from Leoch Battery P.T.E as its Authorised Technical Support Centre in South Africa.

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Lead Acid AGM Batteries

Our Lead Acid AGM Batteries are used in a variety of applications that include, UPS, EPS, emergency backup power, emergency lights, railway signals, aircraft signals, alarm, security systems and much more. Let us know what applications you need solutions for and we will happily assist.

LPF SERIES-Front Terminal LPF12-200 (12V200AH)

Lithium for Solar Applications

When it comes to solar applications you need a battery system that offers high cycles and long service life. It must also provide high energy density and good performance in varying temperatures. Our Lithium Solutions for Solar offer all the above and much more. The built in battery management systems ensure you get the expected value out of your battery for it’s entire life.

LFeLi-4850B (48V 50Ah)

Lithium for Telecommunication

Battery System for telecommunications are usually used as backup power in the communications industry or Uninterruptible Power Supply systems (UPS). Typical applications include fibre-optic access networks at the fixed-line, FTTH connections, FTTB + LAN / WiFi connections, outdoor micro base stations and more.

Lithium - Telecoms

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