PV, Solar Geysers & Heat Pumps

When it comes to solar installations there are three types of solar systems available to choose from, grid interactive systems, grid tie systems and island systems. Your choice will determine the system we set up for you.
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Grid interactive systems: The system comprises of a battery and solar system connected to an inverter (bi-directional). This gives continuity of power even in times of power outages, and will send excess power generated by the solar panels to either the grid, batteries, or load.

Grid tie systems: The system comprises of solar panels and an inverter only (no batteries and no back-up power). The system is connected to an existing utility and supplies power to the connected load reducing the electrical usage.

Island systems: The system is installed where there is no electricity supply and the total power consumed is generated by alternative means. All island systems will have batteries to store power for 24 hours use.

Please Note:
All domestic Solahart systems (150 - 300l) are not compliant to NRCS energy requirements. Unfortunately due to this matter, Averge Technologies is unable to import these systems.


Hot Water Solar Systems

The Commercial Solar Water Heating range includes:

  • Solar collectors: High efficiency copper absorber with a sputtered selective surface, maximising heat absorption and minimising heat loss with a glass wool insulation.
  • Central heat store: Available in multiple sizes that can be interconnected to meet large demands, optimise available plant room space, and provide redundancy.
  • Solar pump skid: Controls all the solar functions, including the 3-way valves and booster, and regulates the speed of the solar pump to optimise the flow rate through the solar collectors.
  • Drain-back system: The heat transfer fluid drains back into the heat store when there is insufficient solar gain or when the maximum set service temperature has been reached.
  • Heat exchange delivery skid: The control system varies the rate of energy transfer from the central heat store to precisely regulate the hot water outlet temperature to the building.

Booster options: Booster options exist to ensure constant hot water supply at times of low solar radiation or high hot water demand

Accredited Installer

PV Solar Panels

The PV solutions provided by Averge accredited installers:

  • Load profiling
  • Installation
  • Recommendations for PV solutions
    • Solar panels
    • Inverters
    • Batteries

Heat Pumps for hot water and swimming pools

The Solahart Heat Pump range includes:

  • Air-to-Water: The heat pump transfers heat from air, providing the advantages of a solar heater without the need for direct solar gain to a collector. While the rate of transfer is highest on warm days, heat gain is even made in sub-zero temperatures or overnight.
  • Water-to-Water: Water provides a relatively constant heat source, varying from ground water to lakes, streams and ocean. The unit is compact, quiet and supplies energy for hot water and swimming pool heating.

Market application: Mechanical & process water heating and chilling, high ambient & temperature heating, hot water to chilled water, hydronic heating, aquaculture water heating & chilling, residential & commercial pool heating, elite sports, and dehumidification.

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