Network Optimization

Network Optimization

Our energy consulting services focus on auditing and monitoring existing plant, plant extensions and new projects. Averge Technologies provide network optimising solutions that will guarantee your return on investment. Knowing and understanding your energy usage is vital for budgeting purposes.

Covering residential, commercial and industrial usage, we provide an end to end solution from the analysis of your utility accounts to performing on-site investigations on measuring equipment to monitor usage and recommend solutions.

We utilise surge and lightning protection, earthing, power factor correction & filtering as well as LED lights, solar water heating, heat pumps and solar panel solutions to ensure that you run your home, plant or network at optimum usage and efficiency.

Averge Technologies are one of the leading DC power suppliers in South Africa, offering specialised battery solutions for critical power applications. Other hybrid power systems such as diesel generators, biogas and hydroelectric plants will ensure that you keep operating while others are in the dark.

Our comprehensive range of stand-alone to multiple-point remote monitoring meters provide the best and simplest way of off-site utility management via GSM, LAN and RF devices.

Further to utility management we also install, replace and test all types of static electricity meters.

Combine this with our comprehensive return on investment models and project finance options and you can see why more and more clients trust us with their energy requirements.


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