• KF Series

    The Solahart Kf Series is a roof mounted, closed circuit system specifically designed to provide higher efficiency for use in low to medium solar gain areas.

  • J Series

    The Solahart J Series is a roof mounted, closed circuit system specifically designed to provide efficient service in medium to high solar gain areas.

  • Commercial Series

    The modular nature of the HS Series helps to simplify the design, allowing the flexibility to work within the constraints of existing plant room layouts.


Fact Files

Anodes For Corrosion Protection

All metals corrode. But the rate at which they do so varies according to the metal and its environment.  Download the complete Fact File: Anodes For Corrosion Protection

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Hartgard For Freeze Protection

All solar water heaters must have some means of protecting the solar collectors against freeze damage during cold weather.  Download the complete Fact File: Hartgard For Freeze Protection

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Heat Dissipation for Solar Water Heaters

Anyone can make a solar water heater. It is as simple as running water through a black hose laid out in the sun. If the water isn’t hot enough, a sheet of glass or clear plastic can be used to cover the hose and reduce heat loss.  Download the complete Fact File: Heat Dissipation for

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Gas-Boosted, Solar Water Heaters

Even the most efficient solar water heaters, sometimes require some amount of auxiliary heating (boostings).  Download the complete Fact File: Gas-Boosted, Solar Water Heaters

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Thermosiphon For Water Heating

Almost all hot water systems rely on a thermostat to control the temperature of the water they deliver. Unlike most other types of hot water systems, however, only solar water heaters provide the facility for saving energy by switching OFF the thermostat.  Download the complete Fact File: Thermosiphon For Water Heating

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Why Does Solahart Make Ceramic Lined Tanks

Solahart’s technology has evolved over many decades. During its long manufacturing history the company has evaluated and used many methods of manufacturing storage tanks, found them inferior and made substantial investments in fused ceramic technology.  Download the complete Fact File: Why Does Solahart Make Ceramic Lined Tanks

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Protecting Your Investment Against Corrosion

Solahart’s tank technology has evolved over more than forty years of research and development and a substantial investment in production techniques.  Download the complete Fact File: Protecting Your Investment Againts Corrosion

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How Thermosiphon Water Heater Works

Solar water heaters make use of two natural phenomena for their operation: black objects absorb heat, and hot water rises.  Download the complete Fact File: How Thermosiphon Water Heater Works

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Solahart Uses Solar Energy More Efficiently

The strategy of Solahart’s design engineers is to constantly improve on the conversion of solar energy into heating water.  Download the complete Fact File: Solahart Uses Solar Energy More Efficiently

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Technical Specifications

 Download the complete Fact File: Technical Specifications

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Inside the Storage Tank

The inside of the Solahart storage tank is never seen. Like many consumer products, we assume that we are buying the best we can, even though we cannot see inside the product. Because of Solahart’s stringent and consistent manufacturing controls, the consumer is assured that the part of the system they never see is built

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The Solahart History

Solahart has been manufacturing since 1905, introducing its first solar water heater in 1953. It was a viable alternative to conventional water heaters, and so reliable that many of the early models have lasted well in excess of 15 years. Early models weren’t particularly streamlined but then, neither were the mass produced cars of the

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