Energy Saving Tips

Want to Save on Your Energy Bills?

Making a big reduction in your energy bills.  Here’s some other great low cost ways to save even more.


Let The Sun Dry Your Clothes

Even after heating your water and generating your electricity there’s still plenty of energy left in the sun to dry your clothes. So instead of using the dryer get the clothes pegs out.

Let The Sun Dry Your Clothes

Turing your air conditioning thermostat down one degree in winter and up one degree in summer can reduce your heating and cooling energy use by as much as 10{718580c78ce5489e5fb31daa84ef5501ae8b4c83fa48db2c61f40cb884b62731}.

Turn Off Appliances

Computers and entertainment equipment on standby can account for as much as 4{718580c78ce5489e5fb31daa84ef5501ae8b4c83fa48db2c61f40cb884b62731} of the average Australian home’s energy bill.

Switch them off at the plug or install energy saving power boards and the savings will soon add up. If you have a second fridge, does it really need to be running all the time as well?

Keep The Sun Out on Hot Days

Letting the sun shine in during the day in the summer months can heat up your home making it hot and uncomfortable when you get home and expensive to cool.

Closing windows and curtains or blinds will keep your home cooler and make less work for your air conditioner.

In the winter months, keeping the curtains open can help heat your home during the day.

Switch To Energy Efficient Lighting

There are some great compact fluorescent and LED light options available now that use a fraction of the energy of traditional bulbs and halogen downlights.

The good news is they tend to last much longer so you save energy and need to replace them less often.