Why Solahart?


Why  ?

Solahart is a world leader in the solar water heating industry with more than 1.5 million systems installed in over 82 countries worldwide

• Manufactured in Australia
• Entered the South African market in 1982
• Increase the value of your property
• Reduce your carbon footprint
• Trusted Solahart international warranty
• Units available in various colours
• 300 & 180lt systems available, with double enamel lining
• Thermosyphon split system options available
• Solahart geysers still in operation after 25 Years

Benefits of choosing Solahart

Reduce your energy bill immediately!

Solar thermal is a great way to reduce your energy bills and your reliance on energy companies by harnessing the sun’s free energy

Our systems have been manufactured under one roof in Australia for the past 64 years and are best suited to the Southern African environmental conditions

Registered to professional bodies such as SESSA & SAAEA, Solahart boast ten international standard certificates

Solahart has a 5/10 year warranty and has thermal geysers that are still in operation after 25 years

 International History

  • 1901 – SW Hart & Co incorporated in WA. Plumber and ironworks business
  • 1940 – Commenced manufacturing Hot Water Heating Systems
  • 1953First Solar Water Heater manufactured
  • 1973 – Employees buy out shares in SW Hart
  • 1978 – Commenced manufacturing 300lt/80ge vitreous lined cylinders
  • 1978 – Major drive in export markets (USA), second OPEC oil shock
  • 1973 – Shell Australia acquired 50% of SW Hart from employee shareholders
  • 1984 – James Hardie Industries Ltd acquired remaining half from employees
  • 1987 – Hadies purchased the balance of the business from Shell and renamed the business Hardie Energy Products
  • 1994 – (October) John Holdings acquired the assets of Solahart from James Hardie via the entity Solahart Industries (Pty) Ltd
  • 1998 – (July) Rheem acquires Solahart Industries
  • 2016 – Rheem Australia reports under Rheem USA

Local History

  • 1982 – Solahart Southern Africa started in South Africa
  • The business has grown to become the largest Solar Hot Water suppliers in the region
  • Installed in excess of thirty five Thousand plus systems
  • Solahart systems backed by our service and warranties are still saving the environment today, oldest system 33 years and still in operation
  • Our largest installation is in Botswana, where between Jwaneng and Orapa De Beers mines, we have in excess of just over 8 000 systems, creating one of the largest solar installations in the world
  • Lesotho over 2000 systems installed in harsh weather conditions, minus 18 degrees in temperature
  • 2017Averge Technologies taking over the brand as proud importer and distributor in South – Africa, Lesotho & Swaziland
  • 2017Averge Technologies develop the Mozambique market for Solahart signed on first dealer