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Direct Current (DC) division is a solutions provider in Power Systems, operating mainly in the telecommunications industry in South Africa. The company is an established supplier of telecommunication products, and specialized services which include lithium batteries, solar products, power products, and solutions, bringing 10 years of experience and knowledge.
The company has been a forerunner supplier of lithium-iron-phosphate battery technology and has supplied and installed thousands of energy storage solutions that have been deployed regionally in the operator’s network in South Africa.

The company has expanded its domestic reach into all regions in SA and have offices/warehouse in Pretoria and Cape Town.

Our Specialised Services team offer a range of DC Power Design and Implementation services that include DC Power Plant Design, battery system installations, UPS installations and rectifier installations.

Our Solutions

The DC Power Solutions division offers a range of products that offers quality brands and choices for renewable energy that people choose, to energize their homes and businesses. The use of energy storage will create a future that makes a difference in people’s lives, communities, and climate change.

Averge is proudly supplying quality products and solutions to change the way people generate, transfer, store, and utilize electricity in South Africa.

Our quality products and technical support save PV Installers money, time, and “energy” with our enhanced technology and design of our new multiprotocol batteries that make integration, communication, and installation easier, faster, and safe. No additional communication device is required to assist with almost effortless installation.


We supply a range of battery chemistries for industrial, residential and commercial application.


Our selection of modular inverters are scalable allowing for seamless replacement and expansion.


Our modular rack mount DC-DC converters allow for easy paralleling of modules to provide redundancy or higher power outputs.


Our Specialised Services team work with you from the design of your system to implementation.

When planning your energy requirements and needs, talk to us so we can assist in optimising your solution for the best possible return on your investment.