OHTE Equipment


OHTE Equipment

Averge provides innovative overhead line product solutions for the rail industry such as rail connectors which has been installed throughout Transnet’s overhead rail system.

Rail Surge Arrester

Material: Silicone Rubber
Rated Voltage: < 400 kV
Discharge Current: ≤ 10 kN
Line Discharge Class: 1 to 4
Type: Gapless MOV
Distribution & Station Class

Rail Insulator

Material: Polymer and Porcelain
Rated Voltages: 3 kV (DC), 11kV, 25kV & 50kV (AC)
Types: Comprehensive range in accordance with Transnet’s specifications

Rail Connectors

Material: Aluminium or CuNiSi
Types: PG clamps: Al/Al, Al/Cu & Cu/Cu
Feeder clamps: Cu/Cu & Cu/Al
Conductor Splice: 107 CW & 161 CW